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Curved Beauty

The More Curves, The Better

BeautifulCurves Picture Community
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Curved Beauty is the sister community of beautifulcurves where the members can come and post all of the pictures of themselves that they want. This is a plus-sized picture community that is meant to be uplifting and supportive of the fuller, beautiful figure that many times goes unappreciated. Many curvy women and men are very confidant and happy with their body while other's have not yet found the acceptance in themselves. Here at Curved Beauty, the strong, self-assured women can post pictures while the shy who have not yet discovered the beauty they posess can be encouraged and maybe eventually post a few pictures of themselves as well.

There are little restrictions on what you may post in this community, but the few that are here I ask that you stick by so the community may run as smoothly as possible:

Please put all images behind a cut except for the first one, as long as it isn't too big out of respect for users with dial-up. Here is a simple guide on how to do this, any chimp could do it blindfolded. How to Cut Pictures.

Non-Work Safe images are not appropriate for this community. The age group is very scatterd and includes girls under the age of 18, therefore, keep the images clean gals. There are a ton of communities on LiveJournal land where you can flaunt what mama gave ya.

Please do not advertise or link to any rating communities, even if they are plus size related. It is nothing personal against anyone who runs one or is a member of one. I just feel that the guidelines for those types of communities go against the belief system of our little community. This is a place of refuge, where everyone of all sizes, shapes, and makes can come and be supported, loved and accepted. We are never here to judge or be judged. If someone is interested in putting themselves on the chopping block of the rating system, then by all means, go ahead. But I chose to not have this community as a forum of support for the said types of groups. I have had many women here who have found out about a new rating community because of ad's in this group posted and then proceed to be rejected and deeply hurt. If by adding a rule of no rating comm. ad's here saves one girl who otherwise would not have joined and been deeply hurt, it will all be worth it. I want everyone here to feel loved and beautiful because they are, whether some group of gals told them "NO" they weren't or not. Everyone here is special and equal, and that is the way it shall remain.

Hateful, tormenting, or annoying posts will not be tolerated. If you do find the need to torment or harass any of the members, I will have you banned from the community and proceed to have you banned from Live Journal all together if it persists. Come out of the closet and accept your love of THE FLUFFINESS!!!

Please do not post anything besides pictures in this community. The sole basis of it is for women and men to share pictures of themselves. If you have something that you would like to talk about that is plus-size related, head over to our sister community beautifulcurves and post to your hearts content. There are over 2,000 amazing people there that you can talk to, laugh with, share stories and relate with.

This isn't a community where pervo trolls can come solicit sex with the members. This is a community for support, friendship, self-acceptance, etc. so please, psycho weirdo's, stay out.

Other than that, use your intelligent discretion and please do not take the info and leniency of it for granted.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me, fairyluver, at either my journal or at the email address that I supplied above. Thanks for joining and I hope you make some wonderful new friends.

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