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Finally an update!

I'm a long-time member, sporadic poster. But I felt it time for an update.

I'm Liz. I first joined about a year ago, weighing 288 pounds. 16 years old.
My goal was to lose about 130 pounds.
So, okay, one year later, I've lost 30 pounds. My progress has been a lot slower than I hoped but I'm still just really glad for any progress at all!
Now I'm 18 and about to leave for college in a few weeks (Columbia College Chicago, photography major)! I'm beyond excited!
I've been really really happy this week. I've gained a few pounds recently but I'm getting healthy! I'm gaining confidence and I just really wanted to tell everyone!

I took these pictures yesterday. I found this fabulous scarf at Marshalls and had to buy it. It took so much courage on my part to take and now post them but I just want to tell everyone how happy I am and how much I love this community and the support it brings!

I don't know if this post made a whole lot of sense but feel free to add me to your contact list! I'll add you back! :)


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